Nature has always been where I feel my most connected and alive, my most healed and whole. My intention for Elated Earth is to bring that same healing and wholeness to others, through various channels of earth connection - flower essences & healing sessions, flower waters, photography and meditation. A remembering of sorts, that we are not separate from, but are nature ourselves, and just how powerful cultivating a reciprocal relationship with the earth can be. When we heal ourselves, we create space to then more fully share our unique gifts with others and do our part in best care-taking this planet we each call home.

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Award winning photographer, Elaina Cochran, seeks to convey the spirit of her subjects through her work, engaging the onlooker beyond image and composition, taking the viewer straight to the heart center. Her subject matters are chosen intuitively from a deeply connected place made possible through dedicated training and practice in shamanic traditions, meditation, and yoga. Her latest venture Elated Earth is the outward expression of her own inward personal journey into vibrational healing from being in nature. The images of Elated Earth project that same vibration and carry the same healing intention first captured by Elaina’s intuition and camera. Her belief is that we are surrounded by beauty in nature everyday and each of us has the potential to tap into her healing powers to create space for personal and in turn, planetary healing.