Breathe - Meditation Deck

Breathe - Meditation Deck


This collection of images was born from my love of nature 
and time spent on my family's land in Northern Missouri. 
As our society is increasingly focused on gaining 
possessions and staying busy in order to prove 
self-worth, I invite you to pause. Give yourself time 
to really breathe. Use these cards to reflect on 
the beauty and intricacy that surrounds us in each moment. 
We only have to shift our focus and pay attention.

Look at a card, and then look again, this time even deeper. 
Find something you hadn't noticed before. Allow 
yourself to take it in, paying attention to how you 
feel. We live in a miraculous world. Take time to connect 
to that miracle. Pay attention to the patterns of the grass 
as it grows beneath your feet. Watch a bird soar above you 
in the sky. Sit at the base of a tree and just feel its 
strong presence. Find what brings you peace.

My family's land is a special place, a healing place. 
It is my vision that by sharing these images of the 
land and details from it, I am further spreading 
the joy and serenity that it brings me each time 
I visit.

I wish you beauty, peace and the joy of appreciating 
the details.

A meditation experience in themselves, each "Breathe" deck is 5x5 inches in diameter and contains stunning images of nature, paired with key words to guide you through a peaceful, visual experience. Use them in your meditation practice, or to display in your home or office to appreciate throughout the day.

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