I Am - Meditation Deck

I Am - Meditation Deck


I AM, are quite possibly the two most powerful words of our language. for what we follow those two short words with can mean the difference between our happiness or hopelessness. Since everything in our lives is born of thought, it is vitally important that we are mindful of our inner dialogue. Using affirmations is one way to improve our self-talk and subsequently our lives.

Coupled with images of flowers in all of their beauty, this deck was created to uplift and boost your spirits.

Use this and know that the beauty that exists in these flowers also resides in you, for everything is connected.

A meditation experience in themselves, each "I Am" deck is 5x5 inches in diameter and contains gorgeous images of flowers, paired with affirmations to guide you through a peaceful and uplifting experience. Use them in your meditation practice, or to display in your home or office to appreciate throughout the day.

50 cards per deck

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