Shadow Work - A Journey Through the Four Bodies

Shadow Work - A Journey Through the Four Bodies


Shadow Work seeks to shift below the upper layers, and delve into darkness long hidden. Utilizing breathwork, somatics, and the guidance of flower essences, we journey together through the shadows to unite our four shamanic bodies: body, mind, spirit, and emotion. We will uncover modalities to unite and weave together these elements, attuning our intrinsic energies to step forward into the shadows and uncover what they conceal.

Participants will be guided collectively through deep introspection, and bright emergence. Discover how to integrate natural allies into your life, and unfurl your healing intuition. Rather than repress fear, we learn methods to move towards, allowing our shadows to to be clearly seen. To explore our rich connection to the natural world, each participant will have the opportunity to create their own unique essence blend to take home for continued nourishment and support.

Bring with you a journal, writing utensil, and anything helpful to enhance your experience. Dress comfortably, and with an honest, open heart.

After the revealing, comes the healing.

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