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Connection to nature is as natural as breathing, for we are nature ourselves, not separate from. As we deepen our remembering that we are a vital part of this web of connection, we open ourselves to infinite support from the natural world, guiding us back to wholeness. 

Nature has always been where I feel my most connected and alive, most healed and whole. My intention for Elated Earth is to bring that same healing and wholeness to others, through various channels of earth connection - flower essences & healing sessions, flower waters, photography and meditation. A remembering of sorts, that we are not separate from, but are nature ourselves, and just how powerful cultivating a reciprocal relationship with the earth can be. 


One way of re-establishing that connection is through Flower Essences. Flower Essences are a form of energy medicine and are infusions made from the flowering part of a plant at the peak of its bloom. The process of sun steeping in water captures the energetic imprint of the flower or plant.  Unlike essential oils or herbal remedies, which contain physical substances extracted from the plants, there is no physical part of the flower in an essence, only its healing vibration. Essence work operates with the understanding that everything in nature has its own vibrational pattern or essence, and we as humans may use the essences of the natural world to bring ourselves back into balance, emotionally, energetically, physically and spiritually. Each flower has its own unique healing quality.  They offer a beautiful opportunity for profound healing, as they promote growth at deep levels of our being. 

I create my essences in a sacred way, on land my family has owned for decades, putting in prayers and intentions that those who need them will experience deep shifts and healing.


Typically, essences are used in an allopathic way. However, I have cultivated my own way of working with them, a practice which blends my years of Shamanic study along with my knowledge of the plants.  In essence, I communicate with the plants in order to know what healing qualities they are offering through the flower remedies. I have created essence sessions, in which I use intuitive communication, shamanic knowledge and cultivated relationship to the plants, to customize a healing session unique to each individual.  What may typically be expected is to pinpoint areas of blocked energies or held patterns within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and subsequently create an essence blend to support their release.  

During my shamanic studies, I discovered my ability to see energy blocks in others bodies and, using personally created flower essence blends, hold sessions to clear those blocks.  I never say I am healing anyone, but rather connecting them back to themselves. I believe no one is broken, that we each arrive here perfect and whole, and over time are taught false beliefs, accumulate traumas and experiences that make us feel were aren’t enough.  The intention of my essence sessions are to connect people back to their truth, that we are all healers. And when we heal ourselves, we create space to then more fully share our unique gifts with others and do our part in best care-taking this planet we each call home.


In addition to her essence work, Elaina is passionate about the healing potential of natures beauty.  As an award-winning photographer, she seeks to convey the spirit of her subjects through her work, engaging the onlooker beyond image and composition, taking the viewer straight to the heart center.  Her subject matters are chosen intuitively from a deeply connected place made possible through dedicated training and practice in shamanic traditions, meditation and yoga. Her intention is to remind others that we live in an artful world, that there is healing in taking the time to notice, engage with and appreciate beauty, and ultimately recognize that we are ourselves a part of that beauty on which we gaze.


Guided healing through nature connection


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