About Essence Sessions


Elaina’s guidance through her flower essence sessions is truly transformative.  Her intuitive connection to both the flowers and me allowed me to heal trauma and gave clarity to several life situations.  There was nothing formulaic about my session; every moment and essence was specialized and personal.  I was not prepared for the magnitude of my experience!  The following days and weeks afterward continued to unfold new breakthroughs and blocks were revealed.  I’ve made several life changing steps the the direction of my highest self!  Thank you, Elaina!

Elaina is an incredibly compassionate healer and artist, and before my one on one session with her, I was using her beautiful flower essences to support me on my spiritual journey. Then when I did have my one on one with her, my mind was blown wide open! My session with Elaina provided me with invaluable insight and perspective, which in turn empowered me to continue my personal practice with careful intention and purpose. Elaina's knowledge of our plant and flower allies combined with her shamanic experience as a healer - and her empathy - made this work with her so unique and powerful. I came away from this session a deeper knowing of self and connection to nature than I could have imagined. What a beautiful and healing experience with Elated Earth!


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Elaina is a true and gifted healer with pure, loving heart who does all she can to help her clients thrive. I believe she was brought into my life and healing journey at just the right time. I have done enormous work to excavate and move on from deep grief and trauma, but still the powerful debris and energetic imprints remained with me. Through deep listening, customized flower and plant essences and astoundingly effecting hands-on energy healing, Elaina helped me discard decades of darkness and difficult energy in a matter of weeks and months. Mentally, I am much more able to feel my emotions and see the beauty of the present moment, rather than be stuck in the past. Physically, I feel like radiance and balance has come back to me and as a serious marathon runner, I can say my times and strength have never been better. In a world where people rarely hear one another and getting “medicine” means a 10-15 minute appointment, Elaina is an absolute oasis. She pours all the time, love and expertise that is needed for you to walk out of her office feeling refreshed and on the road to something better. The flower essences she uses in between visits also enable continuous healing and insight. I could not recommend her more highly. Five stars! I believe she can and will help people with many and diverse challenges. Elaina is a life-changer!